imagine the possibilities

Whether you're planning a feature for your home, community, or cemetery, your statement can be profound.

 We are here to help you not only identify how to fulfill your goals, 

but to turn them into beautiful works of art.  

What about Location?

Whether you are marking an existing grave or deciding where to install a feature, consideration of final placement is vital. There can be vast differences in physical limitations and regulations depending on the location. Visiting the site with one of our designers is a great way to get a feel for what will actually 'fit'. 

Consider Objectives

Is the intended purpose to honor, inspire or inform? Will it narrate or illustrate? Priorities and purpose are the foundation of design. The ability to identify the intent ultimately affects the level of appropriateness of the design for your situation.  

 Carolina Monuments has been designing within limitations whether physical, financial, or regulatory for nearly 30 years. 

You may not know where to start, but with a few answers to basic questions, we can focus on what is important to you.

Determine Design

The ultimate design is the sum total of all the perspectives, perimeters, and desires involved. First, and foremost, one must consider any regulations involved, then what options are available to adhere to them and ultimately what truly fits the intended purpose and goals within the available options.

The effectiveness of the desired design statement (what you want it to say) is dependent on elements included. Often symbolism is used to create meaning, show affiliations, accomplishment, or express emotion. Even flowers can have symbolic meaning! Symbols are a great way to tell a story, whether subtle or featured, without saying too much or cluttering the stone. 

We also arrange narratives to prevent detracting from the beauty of the stone or purpose. 

Ideas can be so free flowing, it is hard to commit to a single choice or the path so obvious it's impossible to ignore! There is no set pattern or process to follow as everyone is different. 

Of course, larger or more complex projects may involve exploration or research. But no matter how many designs one considers, when the right design is identified, it feels like finding perfect pitch.