Granite is especially popular for exterior applications due to its consistency, durability and availability. It is quite versatile and compatible with other materials and is utilized in various applications. 

  • Depending on the quarry and to some extent the vein, colors and consistency can vary. Looking for a particular color?  It is probably quarried and available to you. Granite is quarried all over the world.
  • Recently we began exploring and implementing eye-catching texture variations expanding levels of versatility and personalization with granite.  


Marble colors also depend on the quarry location and actual vein quarried, also. As an established Georgia Marble Dealer for years, Carolina Monuments appreciates the beauty, prestige, and feel of marble. Technology has brought the price of marble more in line with granite. Many amazing designs are available from the Georgia Marble collection whether using marble or not. 


Bronze is also widely utilized and appreciated whether a feature or accent. 

  • Sometimes bronze is required by regulation, as in many memorial parks. 
  • Other times it is the best medium to fulfill a purpose, such as plaques or cast sculptures. Bronze features such as medallions can decorate or commemorate on stone also. 
  • Personal items can be bronzed, such as shoes,  and incorporated into a design. See the boots we turned into flower vases! Another time we designed an entire monument around a bronze oil lamp. 

We are continually exploring new options. Soon we expect to commission designs utilizing glass, stainless steel. and computer codes commanding levels of uniqueness and application options beyond reason.